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This application saves the created timetable data on the user's device.

Application refer to the file according to the following policy:

Reference timing
When the application starts, the timetable data saved in the application-specific storage area is read. Timetable data is saved when the user presses the "Save" button.
Where the application refers
If the application references a location other than the application's own storage area, that location is a folder provided by the device itself, the SD card, or OneDrive, or any other storage service that can be referenced in a standard Windows file selection dialog. It is a target. This operation is performed when the user presses the "Import from file" button and the "Export to file" button to input / output the timetable data from a file outside the application.
File type
The application will only read and write files of the form: (.tbl, .txt)

The application saves only the timetable data created by the user or imported from a file in the application. We do not collect or send any other information.