DnD Image Viewer Privacy policy

This application refers to the file stored in the user's device or the storage service used by the user.

Application refer to the file according to the following policy:

Reference timing
The application refers to a file or a file specified only when the user opens a folder, or a file in the folder. Or when a user drops a file or folder on an application.
Where the application refers
The application refers to the image stored in the Windows device that the user is using, OneDrive, or another storage service. The reference of the image uses the standard method (dialog box, drag and drop) provided by Windows, and it does not refer without involving user's operation.
File type
The application will only read files of the form: (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .zip)

Applications do not collect and save information other than the above. Also, the application does not save the file referenced by the user's operation for the purpose other than displaying the image.