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To-Do Viewer

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This application notifies Microsoft Band 2 of the task registered with "Microsoft To-Do".

This application has no function to register and edit tasks. Please use "Microsoft To-Do" application or web site to register tasks.

First Step

When you start this application for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account. The application will retrieve the "Microsoft To-Do" information registered with the signed-in account.

When you sign in, you are asked for permission to get account information. The exact information that this application refers to and edits is as follows.

Complete and Delete task

Tap the task on the main screen to display the menu.

When "Complete Task" is selected, the tapped task is put in the completion state and it becomes the non-display state on the main screen. Select "Delete Task" to delete this task.


In order to notify Microsoft Band of the task, select "Settings" on the menu and register the tile in Band.

If you set the "Use Microsoft Band" switch to on and press the "Set Tile" button, Microsoft Band will register the tile for this application.

When "Auto Update" is set, tasks are automatically acquired at the specified time. Since it automatically notifies you to Band at that time, it is useful to get "Today's schedule" in the morning and "Tomorrow's schedule" in the evening or in the evening.


If you set a reminder for a task, when the time approaches, notify the task of the task. An error of up to 15 minutes will occur with respect to the time set as the task in the notified time. This comes from the specification of the background task of Windows 10.

Privacy policy

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