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The application from the thermometer, which is implemented in the "Microsoft Band 2", retrieves and displays the current temperature and atmospheric pressure. "KusoAtsui" means "I feel so Hot!" in Japanese.

To display the tile to "Microsoft Band", it is also possible to refer to the temperature and pressure on the Band.

Important Notes

This application required "Microsoft Band 2". Not support original "Microsoft Band".

The First Step

before launch this application, your device require pairing with "Microsoft Band 2" and require start "Microsoft Health".

On the first page, when you tap "Connect" button, application connect to Band and start monitoring barometer on Band.

Once if a successful start, which displays the current temperature and atmospheric pressure. The display is updated every second. If you want to stop monitoring, you tap "Stop" button.

If not start monitoring temperature and pressure, Use the "Health", please make sure that the "Band" and can be operated normally.


Temperatures in some cases correct value is not displayed. In particular, immediately after charging the Band becomes higher than the temperature because the body is hot.


If you add / remove tile on Microsoft Band 2, use Settings screen from "Settings" menu.

Set tile on Me screen. When you tap this tile, show current temperature and pressure.

When you tap the tile to access the device in order to update the information on the screen. Since the update of the screen device performs, it is in until it is updated with the latest information takes a long time. It may take a few tens of seconds.

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