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GPS Log Tracker

Download from Microsoft Store.

This application displays and edits logs throttled by GPS. (Please note that this application does not measure position with GPS)

Supported Log Type

This application can read the log file recorded by GPS device (or GPS application of smartphone). The format of the corresponding file is as follows:

Input File

File format used by many GPS devices or applications. I used the logs output by Garmin 's Fortrex 301 for testing.
Track log format for Google Maps and Google Earth.

Output File

Track log format for Google Maps and Google Earth.


Open log file from Local storage, SD card, or Onedrive.
Save As
Save current log that select in "Route" combo box to storage.
Show Entire Route
Reduce the map so that the entire route of the currently selected log can be displayed on the screen.
Rename Track
Rename current log for save to file.
Trim Points
Trim points between selected range.
Change application setting.
Show version info of application, and link to privacy policy.


Selection Range
Select a point with the slider, and specify the start and end points with the "Start Position", "End Position" button. The specified range is subject to the point trim function.
Start Position is displayed "S" on map, and End Position is displayed "G" on map.
Map / Aerial
Switch screen display between map and aerial photograph.

Show Entire Route

Pressing the "Show Entire Route" button reduces the map so that the entire currently selected route can be displayed on the screen.

Rename Track

Change the name of the currently selected route. The changed name is used when saving this log.

Trim Points

Delete points that are less than the specified distance between the two selected points. If many points are recorded at overlapping positions, such as temporarily stopping during positioning, you can use this function to delete unnecessary points.

Choise range by "Start Point" and "End Point" button.

Select "Trim Points" in the menu and enter the minimum point spacing in the displayed dialog box. The point where the point interval is shorter than the entered distance is deleted.


Change application settings on this screen.

At the moment there is only setting concerning display of points on the map.

Draw Mapicon on Track
When displaying the route on the map, the recorded point is displayed with a yellow marker. Not all points are displayed depending on the magnification of the screen display.
Draw Positioning Time / Draw Moving Speed
This setting is effective only when "Draw Mapicon on Track" is turned on.

At the point on the map, the time when this point was recorded and the moving speed from the previous point are displayed. It is not displayed when the read log does not include information on the positioning time.
Export Altitude
Maintain advanced information when saving the log to a file. If the saved logs are displayed in Google Earth, please turn off when the route gets stuck on the ground.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy about this application.
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