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Download from Android market(Free).

This is puzzle game, clone of "Ishido - way of the stones". Original "Ishido" by Michael Feinberg and Ian Gilman.

You arrange stones on a board. The stone has six marks and six colors. The board is 12*8 squares. You can put the stone in the place adjacent to other stones.

The place to put a stone is decided to undergo a condition to be able to put by the number of adjacent stones.

Even if the circumference (the place where a background is dark) of the board puts a stone, a score is not added. One hundred is added when I achieve "4-ways" first. The mark that is added whenever accomplished once doubles afterwards.

Physical Keyboard

If your device has physical qwerty keyboard, you can play with keyboard.

W,A,S,Dmove selected cell.
Space or Enterput stone.
QUndo (If you use undo, not record highscore of this game.)


I can confirm the high score that you achieved so far from a menu. As for the high score, the accomplished date and score, number of ways at that time are recorded. When I can put all stones, an asterisk is displayed.



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