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Download from Android market(Free).
Download from Android market(Paid \200).

This application is simple text database use for Memo, Diary or Dictionary. Application has two version, free and paid.

The pay version added some functions. Even a free version, not display an advertisement.

Compare two versions.


Launch password is NOT SECURE. This function is simple protection, it can easily cancel if analyze data in device directly connect with debugger.

How to use

This application can manage some texts as "an article". "The articles" are classified by "a category".

Category list

Registrated category displayed in List View. When you edit an existing article, you tap a category set for an article. When I make a new article, I display a menu and choose "New Article".

Article List

If select existing category from Category list screen, Show articles registed category in List View. When you edit existing article, you tap article. You choose "New Article" on menu, Create new article that set this category.

Article Edit

You input text of article. You must set title of article and category. To select category, push button center of screen.

Select category

When push category select button, show registed category on List. If free version, you choise category. If paid version, you choise one or any categories.

Application preferences

If you tap "Maintenance" menu on Category list screen, config system preference and import/export database.

Use SDcard
Paid version only.
If checked, database saved on sdcard. Database path is
(Note: Database of clPedia implemented by SQLite3).
Import / Export

Import and export database. If free version, You can export only and export file name is fixed. If paid version, You select directory and file name export / inport file.
Launch password.
Paid version only.

You can request to input a password when I start application. If you need a password, I set a password with this screen or can change it.

To set password now first. You must not input anything if a password is not yet set. Next, input a new password into EditText of the second and the third. When different content is input into two EditText, an error is displayed, and setting is refused. If you want remove current password, input empty text second and third EditText.

System require


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