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Download from Android market(Free).

This application open a certain file on an SD card. A user can appoint the application to open. When I open the same "MIME type" of files again, I can start the application that I set automatically last time.

If your device has a keyboard, You can input file or directory name with a keyboard. Input file name complete automatically.

Can choise application associated by MIME type. Can set to launch application when select same type again.


Remove default application setting when choise application.
Paste marked file to Copy or Move.
New Dir...
Create new directory.
Sort by...
Change sort order file list, by Name, by File extension, by File size, and by Last modified.

Long tap Menu

If long tap list item, show context menu.

Mark to Copy...
Mark selected file to copy. (Notes: Cannot copy Directory on current version.)
Mark to Move...
Mark selected file to move. (Notes: Cannot move Directory on current version.)
Copy / Move marked file.
Delete selected file or directory.
Create Directory...
Create new directory under this directory.
Show file property of this file.



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