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clDoubleBrowser P

Download from Android market(Free).

This is web browser use dual screen of "Sony tablet P". This browser is suitable to display HTML saved on sdcard.

Menus and buttons.

Show / Hide address bar.
Maximize and restore screen.
If selected, show text selection cursor when long tap on text. Not selected, show context menu when it.

Context menu.

Open Show link this window. (this menu item show only long-tap on anchor)
Open Other Window Show link other side window. (this menu item show only long-tap on anchor)
Refresh Reload current page.
Add Bookmark Add bookmark this page.
Encoding Charset Select character set if not specified meta-tag in HTML.
Property Not implements current version. Show page property.

Application preferences.

Default Page Set URL to show when lauch application.
Text Encodings Add / Remove character encodings that is use to select on "Encoding Charset" menu.


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